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Spiraskolan (previously Nya Tidens Montessoriskola) is a nine-year compulsory school in Näsbypark Centrum, Täby. The school was founded in 2000 and at the present time it has 280 pupils enrolled and 52 coworkers. The school is divided into three units: lower (lågstadiet), middle (mellanstadiet) and upper (högstadiet).

We are inspired by Maria Montessori’s educational approach, which stimulates the students’ love of learning, encourages them to be independent and strengthens their sense of self-worth. We believe in children’s natural curiosity and in their will to learn and discover new things. We strongly believe in each student’s own capabilities. From an early stage, they learn to work independently and take responsibility.

Our task as a school is to prepare our students for adulthood and working life. That’s why we are committed to giving them the skills and qualities that reflect the world they will encounter. At Spiraskolan students are given the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, traits and skills that let them reach their full potential and make the most out of their lives.


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Näsby Parks Centrum
Eskadervägen 4-10
183 54 Täby


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Phone: 08-732 00 59
E-mail: info@spiraskolan.se



Henrik Haglund
E-mail: hh@spiraskolan.se

Vision & Promise

Our vision: To be the best school in the world

Spiraskolan is a school with high ambitions. We simply want to be the best school in the world! When all students, guardians and employees believe Spiraskolan to be the world’s best school we have succeeded.

Our promise: To give each student the opportunity to grow his life

Each student will have access to and the opportunity to practice the tools, methods and abilities that provide the conditions for lifelong development and learning. This means that each student should be able to proceed to high school studies. But also to gain insights on how to best learn, which their strengths are, how the communicate and how to work in different groups and situations.



Our pedagogical model

The school’s task is, according to the curriculum, that pupils should acquire and develop knowledge and values. Furthermore, the school should enable each individual student to find his unique character and thereby participate in community life by giving his best in responsible freedom. In today’s society there is also an abundance of messages and information where we are encouraged to be and behave in one way or another. This places greater demands on the children to develop the ability to understand their own feelings, acknowledge what they want and how they experience different situations. We see it as if the children get ”control from inside ” instead of ”control from outside”, which strengthens the self-knowledge and self-esteem of the students. In order to live up to the curriculum and at the same time give the children the ability to meet the demands of the future from both employers and society, we believe that school must move from rewarding short-term memory learning to helping students acquire deep knowledge and develop as individuals. We have divided this into two areas, which we call Academic & Individual Development.

Academic development
  • Knowledge
  • Abilities
  • Digital competence
Individual development
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mental strength
  • Social competence

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