Om Spiraskolan

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Thinking and personal development

Spiraskolan erbjuder elever från åk 6-9 ett ämne som heter Thinking and personal development. Under dessa lektioner får eleverna möjlighet att utveckla sitt tänkande vilket innefattar bland annat:

  • Logiskt och strukturerat tänkande (inside the box)
  • Kreativt och lateralt tänkande (outside the box)
  • Positivt tänkande
  • Kritiskt tänkande
  • Meta-kognitivt tänkande (att reflektera över sitt eget tänkande)

Thinking and personal development lärs ut av Joe Obidiegwu som har sitt ursprung i USA och Nigeria och därför håller undervisningen på engelska. Han har en gedigen erfarenhet och intresse för filosofi, psykologi och personlig utveckling. Joe har utvecklat en modell som ämnet bygger på och som inspirerat Spiraskolan i utvecklingen av vår pedagogiska modell Akademisk och Individuell utveckling.

Purpose and Happiness

Every action you take shapes the world. Knowing that you are a part of the world and the world is a part of you makes you act with a sense of purpose. Happiness comes from having the self confidence to use your talents and pursue your passion in life. When you are passionate about what you do, your imagination and creativity blossoms. Then responsibility becomes enjoyable.




You are the most important person. Everything starts with you. Your focus equals your reality. What you choose to focus on is what you will experience in life. If you look for positive things you will find them, if you look for negative things you will also find them. It is your decision, hence you are the architect of your world.




Responsibility is being actively accountable for your actions.



Self Confidence

Self confidence is being able to trust the qualities and talents you have as a person and a human being.



Self Respect

Self respect is to be proud of who you are and to have integrity. To be able to do the right thing even if no one is watching.



Respect for Others

In the picture of life there are as many worlds as there are pair of eyes to see them. Every world is important. Respect for others is to realize that the world of other people is just as important as your own.



Empathy and Compassion

Empathy and compassion are the virtues that take you beyond the boundaries of your own self into the world of others. They make your life richer because you are able to feel and experience together with other people.




Friendship develops with the ability to trust others and have others trust you. This is the basis of all long lasting and fulfilling relationships. Friendship is a gateway to happiness because it makes your world bigger and more lively.